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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Hi there, I’m LeeAnn!

Do you dream about creating a lifestyle that is healthier, wholesome, worthwhile, purpose driven, involves hard work, and where learning never ceases? How about living a simpler and slower life than the traditional American lifestyle? If your answer is yes, what are you waiting for? Pursue your dreams into a reality! If your answer is no, I encourage you to deeply assess what’s truly important to you and determine your direction and purpose in life.

My family and I have been living a homesteading lifestyle since my husband, Tom, and I were married in 1996, we know nothing different. I find great satisfaction in doing worthwhile work, getting dirty and sweaty from working hard, the fulfillment of planting, growing & harvesting our own food, enjoying & preserving the nutritious homegrown produce, and preparing wholesome home cooked meals for my family, most of which is produced on our homestead. I enjoy living a homemade, homesteading, and wholesome life.

As a mother and grandmother, the enjoyment of watching children grow and thrive with this lifestyle is second to none. My prayer is that the roots we anchor in them will continue to spread and hold fast under the family tree for generations. Keeping alive the older ways of living by doing purposeful work is important to me. My faith and personal values keep my focus on the important things in life.

Additional Tidbits:

· I grew up in the city limits of a small town in Indiana.

· I danced in a small town dance company (ballet, pointe, tap, jazz) during my high school years and still enjoy country line dancing with my husband.

· My favorite color is red.

· Tom and I were married in our teenage years. Yes, we met in high school.

· We have three adult children: 2 sons and 1 daughter.

· We have two precious granddaughters, born in 2021 and 2022.

· We spoil 4 dogs (Maybelle, Hank, Petey, & Dixie).

· We rarely watch TV but have 1 in the house, so people don’t think we’re weird!

· I almost always have music playing.

· Flip-flops are a favorite, but you will find me barefoot in the garden.

· Water, herbal tea with honey, and black coffee are my favorite beverages.

· I’ve been told I make the best cheesecake…thanks Grandma!

· I work full time, away from home, as a registered nurse (BSN, RN) in the operating room.



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