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Meet the Crew

Photo by Rosalinda Taylor Photography

Hi! I’m Mallory.

All I have known in life is the “do it yourself” homesteading lifestyle. My brothers and I have been raised to have a strong work ethic and to create our path in life. Be the black sheep; don’t be lost in the flock.

As the website and social media manager for our small farm, I am behind most of the photographing, organization, and fulfillment operations. Although I do help create some of our skincare products, LeeAnn is typically the mastermind behind the production.

You came here to learn more about us as people, so here is some of the more interesting information about me…

- Having adopted mom's love for dance, I danced for 15 years at various studios and even became part of a dance company that competed in regional and national competitions throughout various cities and states.

- I was homeschooled from grades 8-11 and graduated a year early.

- During my first year of college, I continued to dance and participate in competitions.

- In my second year of college, I began teaching lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, and tap to students 7-9 years of age and was loving it! Then COVID happened...

- During my third year of college, I worked as a correctional officer with the Indiana Department of Correction at a maximum-security prison for adult males. These were some interesting times, let me tell ya.

- In August of 2021, I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl.

- In December 2021 I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at just 20 years old.

- Now I am 21 living mom life to the fullest while applying for jobs and working on our platforms.

There is so much more than what will ever fit on this page. For the future, I hope to further pursue a career in the criminal justice field while also continuing this lifestyle with my daughter and managing/expanding our online platforms.

Thank you for visiting!


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