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Natural Shampoo

Updated: May 13, 2023

Another natural replacement for a common product!

We are sharing yet another favorite recipe with our audience. We’ve had some ask us about how to make your own shampoo, so here is our favorite one!

Let us know if you are enjoying the information we are sharing regarding natural cleaning and ridding of conventional cleaning products. We continue combing through our home being sure we are “cleaning up” toxic chemicals in the products we use. Making your own products is a very important step toward self sufficiency.



1/4 C. Distilled Water

1/4 C. Liquid Castile Soap

1/4 C. Coconut Milk

(use canned/shelf stable milk, not the refrigerated type which often has sugar, etc.)

1/2 T. Avocado/Olive Oil (optional)

(add if you have dry hair)

15-20 Drops Essential Oil

(lavender and peppermint are a favorite)


1. Add all ingredients to a pump bottle, swirling to combine.

2. Using a bottle with a foaming pump is preferred, as this natural shampoo is of thinner consistency.

3. If using a bottle that has a regular pump, omit the distilled water.

4. Use within a month.

Coconut milk contains essential nutrients which aid in strengthening the hair while also promoting hair growth. Coconut milk is rich in vitamins B, C, & E. Adding coconut milk to your homemade natural shampoo ensures your hair is moisturized and strong. When pure castile soap and coconut milk are mixed together, it creates a nice lathering effect.

Safe for all hair types. Unsure of the effect on color treated hair.

This natural foaming shampoo also makes a great shaving foam.

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