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Homemade Cleaning Products & Recipes

Updated: May 13, 2023

Are you thinking like your Great Grandmother would? How about reducing toxins to be healthier? It’s not just about what we put into our bodies. Its also about what we use in our homes. What about saving money and being more resourceful?

Conventional cleaning products are expensive, harsh, and full of chemicals & colorants. That’s not to say we’ve never used them, because we have. Making your own cleaners is economical and easy. Most are made using items that you likely have around the house already.

Enjoy simple healthy cleaning and remember to think and do as your Great Grandmother!

Our Favorite Homemade Cleaning Products

Mopping Spray:

2 C. Water

1/4 C. White Vinegar

1/8 C. Rubbing Alcohol

1/8 t. Liquid Castile or Dish Soap

10 Drops Essential Oil (optional)

Combine all ingredients into a spray bottle. Spray on the floor, then use a dry/damp microfiber mop to mop the floor. Best if done in smaller sections to work your way through the room.

I also enjoy using our steam mop for large mop jobs, all you need is water!

Dishwasher Detergent Powder:

1 C. Washing Soda

1 C. Baking Soda

1 C. Salt

1/2 C. Citric Acid

30 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Place all ingredients in a quart jar & shake to mix. Use 1 T. detergent per load of dishes.

Dishwasher Rinse Aid:

Add white vinegar to the rinse aid compartment of your dishwasher as needed.

Glass/Mirror Cleaning Options:

1. Damp Cloth/Dry Cloth Method “wipe on” (using damp microfiber cloth), “wipe off” (using dry microfiber cloth).

2. In a 16 oz. spray bottle add: 5 Drops of Liquid Castile or Dish Soap, fill the spray bottle halfway with white vinegar, and add enough water to fill the remainder of the bottle.

3. In a 16 oz spray bottle add 1/2 C. Rubbing Alcohol, 1/3 C. White Vinegar, and top off with water to fill the spray bottle (our preferred solution)

Liquid Hand Soap:

1/4 C. Liquid Castile Soap

16 oz. Water

Pour soap and water into a hand soap dispenser with a regular or foaming pump. Swirl to combine. A foaming pump works best. Save a foaming pump or purchase one.

All-Purpose Cleaner:

1 Quart (4 C.) Water

1 C. Rubbing Alcohol

1 T. Ammonia

1 Drop Liquid Castile or Dish Soap

Mix and pour into a spray bottle.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

1. Add 1/2 cup vinegar to the toilet bowl, let it stand for a few minutes, brush, and flush.

2. If you have hard water, let the vinegar sit for an hour. You may have to do some light scrubbing.

3. To remove stains, add 1/2 cup of borax to the water, mix it around, and let it soak overnight.

Dusting Spray:

1 C. Water

1/2 C. White Vinegar

2 T. Olive Oil

15 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil (or desired essential oil)

Place all ingredients in a spray bottle. Mix well and spray on a cleaning cloth or directly on the surface needing dusting. Wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth. Shake well before each use as vinegar, water, & oil separate.

Bathroom Disinfectant Bleach Spray:

1 Gallon Jug

1/3 C. Bleach (regular bleach)

1/2 C. Liquid Lysol Multi-Surface Cleaner

Water to fill the jug

Add all ingredients to the gallon jug (I saved a vinegar jug to use) and top off with water to fill the jug up. Mix well. Pour into a spray bottle. Use as desired on hard surfaces safe for bleaching (bathtubs, showers, toilets, countertops, etc.).

*You can use just bleach and water for a disinfectant spray. Add 1 C. Bleach (regular bleach) to every gallon of water. Good for killing mold in moist environments.

Be sure to label your products, as they all look the same!

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