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Healthy Laundry Tip

Updated: May 13, 2023

Sharing Another Healthy Laundry Tip

Goodbye Dryer Sheets...Hello Natural Dryer Balls


Purchase reusable wool dryer balls to use in place of conventional dryer sheets.

Recommend using at least 6 wool balls per large load of laundry.

The wool balls may be scented using 3-4 drops of desirable essential oil directly applied to the wool balls.

A homemade spray of white vinegar and a desired amount of essential oil can also be used.

Place the wool balls in the dryer, spray them with the vinegar spray, then add the clothes. You may also add the clothes first, then the balls and spray once everything is in the dryer if desired.

Vinegar helps reduce static & acts as a softener and the essential oil will lightly fragrance your clothes.

By using vinegar in your laundry, the clothes will not come out of the dryer smelling like pickles.

Benefits of using wool dryer balls:

  1. Natural fabric softener

  2. Reduces dry time

  3. Free of chemicals

  4. Reduces static

  5. Reusable for about 1,000 loads

  6. Economical

  7. Healthier for you & the environment

Of course line drying clothes is a great option too! Great smell and wrinkle free.

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